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A handsets used for making and receiving calls only

January 18th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last time when you have noticed that you have some other features to your latest handsets as well. Yeah many of us use mobile handsets just to make the phone calls and to receive the calls only.

Freedom Phone 2010

But however company have added so many features which you never know and never used as well. If you are under this category than there is a phone call which just to make and receive phone calls only.

Freedom Phone

Freedom Phone

This is called Freedom phone. This is suitable for those people who travel abroad a lot and also pay huge bills of roaming charges. But with freedom phone 2010 you do not have to pay for roaming charges, you just have to purchase it with some different minutes plan coming from 60 minutes to 200 minutes (can be more).

Freedom Phone

Freedom Phone

There is no need of SIM card, no need to remember tarrif and within 10 – 20 minutes you can also get your phone charged.

So ultimately a simplicity which will dive crazy to the common people

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