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About Sony NWZ W202

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Plus points and negative points about Sony NWZ-W202

Sony NWZ W202

Sony NWZ W202

Advantages (Plus Points of NWZ W202)

  • Small and Trendy – This NWZ-W202 are really small and trendy as well. Just give you a perfect sporty look.
  • No wire no hanging – Just fit two plugs and you do not need anything for NWZ W202.
  • Super fast charging – Boy this one is really great features of NWZ W202, just 3 minutes charging will give you the power of 90 minutes.
  • All controls with in your range – You do not have to search for the control, just touch it with your right hand and you will get the full control. Push button for + and – for volume and a jog dial to select your favorite tracks.
  • Perfect fit in your ear – If you are thinking that NWZ W202 will fall while you are on move or jump than you do not have to worry. This will be perfectly fit in your ear and will not fall unless and until you pull it.
  • To avoid damage – To avoid damage and to stick both ear phone together, NWZ W202 come with the plastic clipper. This plastic clipper hold both ear phone togther.
  • Budget Product – For Rs 4990 or $100, this is a perfect buy. 2 GB, Trendy Look,

Drawbacks (Negative Points of NWZ W202)

Sony NWZ W202

Sony NWZ W202

  • Moisture problem – Reports are coming that few Sony NWZ W202’s ear phone effected by sweat or moisture. But these are very limited numbers and customers should not worry about the quality of product, plus Sony assures that customer will get replacement of product without charging any money.
  • How long you can carry – Although NWZ-W202 are really small and have trendy look but with the weight around 35 gms, you never know for how long you can carry it.
  • Lack of Screen and ZAPPIN technology – As NWZ-W202 have lack of display screen to see and pick your favorite sound tracks but they have come up with a technology named ZAPPIN. This one is sounding really cool and effective but when you will choose it to trace a sound track from 450 Sound tracks this will be really tough task.
  • Can not change ear plugs – There is no scope to change ear plugs as they are in build. So if one damaged you will have to take whole piece of NWZ-W202 to Sony Service Centre
  • No Equalizer setting – If you want to raise bass or want to low the treble than you wont able to do this because this device do not support that and do not come with such kind of facility.

Overall Sony NWZ W202 is a nice buy if you want free movement of your body.

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