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Soft Mp3 Player – Beautiful

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Mp3 player is the latest trend in all generation of human being. From teenagers to old age people, all are looking for this small device Mp3 player in which they can store their favorite sound tracks, music and can enjoy it at anywhere for hours.

Latest Sony NWZ W202 is making too much news as this one is so called wireless Mp3 player with unique design and fast rechargeable batteries making NWZ W202 more attractive and demanded.

But however there are many small mp3 players which can attract you and you can not avoid such attraction at all. In this series we have one small mp3 players which is in round shape and very soft look. This soft mp3 player does not have any screen and hence your all operating should be done by small and dotted switch only.

This soft mp3 player has five small buttons –

  • One to minimise the volume
  • One to maximise volume
  • One button for stop
  • One button for fast forward and
  • Last buttons for fast backward

So this is very simple operated mp3 player.

Designer: Bomi Kim

Soft Mp3 Player 1

Soft Mp3 Player 1

Soft Mp3 Player 2

Soft Mp3 Player 2

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