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Acer liquid A1 is a coveted Smartphone

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Smart phones have become the newest craze among people due to their laudable features. Now Acer has been one of the most accomplished producers of Smartphones all over the world. Catering to its prior high quality only, it has launched another smart phone in the European markets known by the name of acer liquid a1. This device is supported by its un-boxing videos which show how it needs to be handled. For example, one such unboxing video shows how to manage the tethering of this phone. These unboxing videos are actually taken by those users who have just purchased the device and recorded its initial moments.

Acer liquid

Acer liquid

Large number of features

This Smart phone is loaded with all the top notch features that are present in the market. This device has only been made available in white color now, but its other color variants in black and red will also be shortly launched in the market. This Smart phone is the best on every kind of attribute one can think of, be it clicking snaps with a 5 mega pixel camera with geo tagging or logging the user to various social networking websites like Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, You tube and Facebook. It is a blessing-come-true for many people who want to be socially active at any time of the day.

This acer liquid gadget is one of the best to be present in the market with its astounding features like the operating system of Android 1.6. In the later versions of this phone, the users will have the option of upgrading the phone’s operating system to Android 2.0. Acer has also added the Acer sync feature in this phone which will allow users to supplement the gadget with any Windows based personal computer present in the Wifi network. This Smart phone has its own Acer store consisting of special applications.

Acer liquid

Acer liquid

Highest connectivity

This is the most brilliant connectivity device present in the market which will make users benefit from the numerous advantages of sending emails at any point of time with Outlook. The phone can also be switched on power management mode to conserve the utilisation of battery. Acer Liquid A1 also features the Bluetooth which can be used to send files to any device boasting of such technology. The WVGA screen will also ensure that users derive pleasure while watching everything on a screen with high mega pixel clarity. This Smart phone is going to be a marvel in the market which consists of several ordinary phones.

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