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iPad another jewel from Apple

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Experience the technology with new Apple iPad

Yes, the new apple ipad is out of the dark now, it’s a revolutionary achievement for apple and for everyone who trusts technology. Apple has delivered the world the new way of experiencing entertainment and brings the whole world to one hand.

Apple Ipad and applications

Apple Ipad and applications

Apple ipad - thin and strong technology

Apple ipad - thin and strong technology


You can trust the features of it and wave in it with a little touch or flick. The features which it has included are many as videos, photo, mail, iPod, iTunes, iBooks, maps, notes, calendar, contacts, and gallery and much more. The home screen of iPad has an easy to go access with one tap; you can customize your look of the screen as well as the order of applications.

You can see an entire web page through the built in accelerometer which turns as you turn your device, so if you want to get the best browsing experience iPad should be your choice.

In the box you can get your iPad, a dock connector to USB cable, 10W USB power adapter, and documentation.

Tech view of iPad

The most catching feature of iPad is its compatibility of holding so much besides being so thin and light. It has 0.5 inch of thickness and weighs just 1.5pounds.the screen is 9.7 inches when measured diagonally and is portable so can be taken anywhere you want. The way it is curved from the back you can get hold to it very easily. It has 10 hours battery life and running almost 14,00,00 apps in apple’s app store. It runs on 1-gigahertz chip and comes 16, 32, and 64 GB of storage. So you do not have to worry about to store your favorite stuffs. Support the display of multi language and characters and you can use more than one finger to control and interact with the screen at a time. The ultimate x-factors of iPad are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, speakers and accelerometer and a compass.

iPad supports green

Apple has continued with its environmental safe process, it has used many features so as to reduce the impact on environment like:

Recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure, PVC free, Mercury free LCD display, arsenic free display glass, BFR-free.

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