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Latest gadgets as low budget valentine gifts

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Valentine day is around the corner i.e., on 14th February. So if you are a girl and want to give a gift to your boy friend than these few gadgets will be really handy for him.

In this post we presume that your budget is limited to INR 1000.00. So this will be a low budget valentine gift but quite useful and he will use it on daily basis. So lets have a look at these low budget valentine gifts –

USB Drive or Pen Drive – As more and more people are using computer so use of USB drive or pen drive is really common now a days. If you want to save any data just plug in and save your data. With USB drive it’s really easy to carry your important files as well.

So get a stylish USB drive for your boyfriend and see the billion dollars smile on his face.

Wireless Mouse – Boy never know how to organise things and how to keep wire nicely. So now you can help him to get over come from this problem by gifting him a wireless mouse. This is a perfect low budget valentine gift for your boy friend and very much useful as well.

Headphone – If your boyfriend is music lover than believe me this valentine gift will force him to give you a broad smile. Pick such headphones which have quality and easy to wear as well for long time. You can also try wireless headphone.

Table Lamp – Remove dark from his life by giving light lamp to him. Whenever he will switch on this table lamp he will remember you that is for sure. If your boy friend love nature and environment than this eco friendly table lamp will be great gift for him.

Stylish Laptop Cover or laptop cases – If he is carrying a laptop than give his laptop your mark as well. Gift him your hand made laptop cover or laptop cases to him and help him to get rid off that old and boring black bag.

Memory card holder – Your boy friend is having too many memory cards and he is having problem in keeping those cards than you can provide him solution. This can be solved by this memory card holder and believe me his all memory cards will be safe.

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