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iWatch future of today’s watch

iwatch beautiful concept watch

If you are interested in tech knowledge and want a futuristic life and accessories than you should look at the concept technology as this will tell you what is going to come in near future and how it can makes your life more easy.

iWatch is also a new concept technology in the field of watches. Rite now we see latest technology is coming to mobile phones and laptop but this time this will be on watch or iWatch.

Designer : ADR Studio via [ConBug]

iWatch Concept watch

iWatch with red and green ribon

Recently we saw business accessory like iPAd and now in personal accessory we have iWatch. It manages to include all the essential of the product including the other additional like LCD, Wi-Fi, 3G, and much more depending upon the product and what we never compromise is the look which is also ever fascinating in this iWatch.


iWatch is the new concept watch and we expect that in near future this concept technology is going to be real as well. As soon as it is announced in the market it is assumed that it will create smashing effect especially among the youngsters because of its cool look and touch screen approach.

iWatch with projector, watch with projector

iWatch has a sleek aluminum body and what can be obvious is the presence of Wi-Fi with Bluetooth, integrated RSS reader and weather forecast system. The internal memory storage of this incredible watch is 16GB. It also can be connected to other devices of yours like iphone , ipad with the help of WiFi or Bluetooth. And the best bringout of these product or your cool watch is that it has inbuilt LCD projector to display images and media from other devices you connect to it.

So just wait to try by yourself the fabulous this concept watch which named as “iWatch”

iWatch best for young generation

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