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Accessories of apple iPad


If you have decided to or are already a proud owner of the new techno expert device that apple has recently launched then you must also go through the accessories that are also brought about by apple.

In the box of iPad with the iPad you will find your iPad, dock connector to USB cable , 10W USB Cable and necessary documentation. But besides these Apple has also developed a number of iPad accessories like which will surely cost you extra but are as well high tech.

The accessories I was talking about are:

iPad keyboard dock.
iPad dock.
iPad case.
iPad Dock connector to VGA adaptor.
iPad camera connection kit.

iPad Keyboard Dock

An Ipad keyboard accessory is the must to have accessory for ipad .It will charge your ipad as soon as you connect it, with a full size keyboard. The dock also has a 30 pin connector, so you can connect your ipad accessories too, like audio jack to connect your ipad to a stereo. The best part is that you get a full sized keyboard. For this device you have to loose $69 from your wallet.

iPad Case

You can’t just keep your hand involved in holding your iPad every time you watch movies, type or surf. It is very necessary for you to get a holding device for your iPad especially if you are using Apple’s iPad in education.

Apple-accessory-iPad-CaseiPad case can be propped in any position you want as triangular stand or inclined, according to your desk or your position of sitting. It has an appearance like leather but it is made of soft, rubbery microfiber material. It is not now known but still it is for sure that soon you will be getting many, many option for the case. The case comes with a picture frame stand and will cost you $39.

iPad Camera Connection Kit

Apple-Ipad-accessories-iPad-Camera-Connection-KitThe camera connection kit gives two option of importing videos and photo from your digital camera to your iPad, the first way is by using your camera’s USB cable and the other by using SD card. Both the ways are easy and convenient to use .you can import photos and videos directly from the camera’s SD card. This will cost you an additional $29 bugs.

iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

The 10W USB Power Adapter lets you charge your iPad directly through an electrical outlet. The 6-foot long power cable will help you charge from distance.

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