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5 Reasons why one should go for apple iPad

If you are not the once who are tried the apple’s iPhone then you have got the golden chance to get yourself the new diva of technology for yourself. IPad has much larger display and pattern style with high end capability. Here are some features that will force you to call yourself a proud owner of “THE iPad”.

Reasons to have iPad

App store compatibility
iPad is an absolute apps storage device with 140000 apps within it. It includes everything from games to business apps and more. Just tap the App Store icon and you can browse, download anything, right to the iPad wirelessly.

Battery life
Having such an enormous feature within one screen may not allow you to get away from it, but you will think of the battery. But no more, you have got a device which has got a 10 hours battery life. It is about 2-3 hours better than any average net book.

Easy browsing
You will experience the best browsing through such wide screen and you can actually see your matter how it should be seen. You can adjust the page as per your convenience, whether you want a portrait or landscape. You are using the best navigating device that is your finger, so little flick or tap and you are enjoying the thing accurately. You can use more than one finger to browse making it an easy to use.

Thin and light
You have a 9.7 inches giant screen just slightly smaller than a magazine and only 1.5 pound in weight and 0.5 inch in wideness. You can carry it with you wherever you want and the back holding curve make it a more easy to pick and go.

3G experience
You have an additional option of 3G with Wi-Fi so if you are travelling and don’t have Wi-Fi network you can still get fast connectivity to internet through 3G and enjoy the surfing, downloading or getting directions of the new place.

You can get your iPad in three choices of storage capability which are 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, with or without 3G as per your need, at a price you can’t believe and can’t resist yourself to buy it.

So what are you waiting for, be the master of the most advanced technology of all time and enjoy. I think these are the enough reasons to have iPad.

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