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Smart Baby cover – must for every mother

Before the birth of the kid only, we start planning about his/her room , name, etc to make sure that each and every thing should be the best and no doubt of any discomfort is left for the kid especially when in the infant state i.e. in the first few weeks of first month of the baby. Under the aim of these worries experienced by the parents a piece of technology is made which is known as Smart Baby Case designed by Pouvan Mokhtarani. It is like a womb of pregnant women in her 40th week of pregnancy or like the 
matured chicken egg. When a child is born doctors advice the mother to keep the baby attached to her to keep the child still at warm temperature like that of womb and also to keep the child away from harsh sunlight or pollution for few weeks and according to this advice the smart baby case functions, as in, it give temporary protection t the baby and warmness in the real world outside the mother. It is the best way to make yourself satisfied that you love your baby and you can protect your kid. When your baby feels the outside atmosphere other than your womb it takes time to adapt to it and the baby still need the warmness of the womb till that time. When to take a look at the safe baby case it might feel to be packed and uncomfortable due to the hot temperature but it is the same atmosphere like your womb where the baby had spent 9 months making him/her feel good and close to the mother. The smart baby case comes with the handy system so you can keep your baby safe and warm in the polluted atmosphere for few hours.

Smart baby cover

Smart baby cover2

Mechanics of the smart baby case

Smart baby case or smart baby cover like some other cases has removable doors like top door and main door. The top door is a removable door making the parents to have easy access to the baby for things like playing and feeding and it also have a communication unit and provide video call and baby monitoring by small swinger web cam with touch screen LCD  and air blower with speakers while the main door is mainly for the picking up the baby outside the case. In the situation when the air purification unit is off, the doors will automatically get shut avoiding any kind of harmful atmosphere to reach the baby. There is an exit fan with orange LED at the bottom of the case for carbon dioxide suction outside the case which gets pile up at the bottom due to the heavier weight compare to oxygen preventing excess carbon dioxide accumulation inside the case. The LED in the case will serve as an indicator of air. The air purification unit is located next to the Samsonite logo at the top of the case and would provide fresh stream of air by circulation of the air through the opening window. The aim of the purification unit is to get rid of any harmful gases, bacteria and unwanted dusts. And during the oxygen lacking emergency in the smart case there are smart sensors  which turn out oxygen making equipped with the chemical mask unit.

Smart baby cover

Smart baby cover

Additional feature of the smart baby case

The smart additional feature of the smart case also include auto diaper unit which is responsible for baby cleanup to keep the atmosphere moisture free for the baby. The sensor sensitivity of the unit gets active in the case of leaks and the inside water pumps then slowly and gently flush the water, gathering it in special tubes followed by transferring it in waste storage or drainage storage at the front of the case. When we think of the safety movement of the baby in the case there are also anatomic paths of pads designed in such a way to keep the baby safe and in place. The pads are made of extremely soft and flexible material keeping in mind the immature skin of the baby and also surrounding the fragile organs such as head and spine of the baby. At the back portion of the baby the pads keep preventing the sweating all the time keeping the skin dry. The pads are adjustable and available in different sizes to fit all size of babies.

Smart baby coverThe mechanical parts operate with the help of rechargeable lithium polymer batteries while the electronic parts operate with rechargeable lithium ion batteries; it is also possible to operate the case with direct electric attachment (110v or 210v). Sometime it becomes extremely important to console the babies and what can be a better way than the authentic baby bed rocking which can be done either manually or mechanically through the use of the case. The base design of the smart case can bring the motion of rocking and will again bring the smile to your child.

So either it is a rocking duty or the safety matter or the temperature needed for your child smart baby case provides it all giving a healthy environment for the infant to grow and develop.

Smart baby cover

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