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Laptop for medical student from Toshiba

Technology has carried itself in every field and medical is one of it, as we know hospitals have to manage a high list of records of patients, medicines, documents and other external as well as internal paper works which is a hard job to manage even with our normal computing system so they want a laptop for medical student. So keeping this inĀ  mind Toshiba has brought in market a new Rx tablet PC as a complete solution and giving a boon gift to nurses and medical professional for management of daily documentations and other file works. It has multiple advantages like, it provide a quick wireless access to all the medical drug references, keep the patient records and also provide an easy and quickest connective link to the main database system of the hospital. It is a tablet PC which is designed as time saver and thus increases the efficiency and accuracy by eliminating the need of any paper records to be done. Rx tablet has the potentiality to become a complete solution in hospital by saving the hospital from

Laptop for medical students

the countless deaths caused each year by various medical errors.


Designing of this medical student laptop

he design of the Rx tablet PC is very sleek and has a complete touch screen feature helping the user to easily get through various applications in no time. Along with the tablet style it can also be docked on the table as a normal PC for use. The tablet has a convenient holding structure at the back for easy portable handling. The portability along with the use of art medical software in it will replace the use of clipboard by the nurses thus indirectly increasing the functionality of the hospital. There is no limit of docking base in the hospital so it will be very easy for nurses to dock the tablet and recharge the battery and by the time inputting the data smoothly with the removable and washable rubber made keyboard provided with it. Keyboard has a smooth design with a raised portion on the front for the touchpad including the option of mouse for more convenience in use. The entire design is durable for complete cleaning and thus keeping the hospital environment in mind can be easily disinfected.

All in all Toshiba Rx tablet PC is an extreme unavoidable need for the hospitals and other medical refineries like blood banks, research centers etc.

Medical Laptop

Medical student laptop

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