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Large Mens Watch

Accessories are an important part of every individual whether you are a kid or teenage or adult, accessories bring out the style and speak for the person. And among the accessories, today mens digital watch are the ultimate choices because of the simplicity it gives to every type of clothing whether it is traditional, casual or semi-casual.  Dedicated to such a wonderful accessory if we go to the origin of watches in ancient times, when people used to bare the scorching rays of the sun direct to eyes to read time was not an easy job but the discovery of the time scale instruments by various methods related to the positioning of the sun was the greatest achievement brought to the world. Blessed by technology and developments now reading time  have come over the need of the sun by the ways of watches but still eyes  the only and the main witness to changing time.

Designer : Hay Heun

Large Mens Watch

But it is a 21st century and owing to it is a new watch called the WITness designed by HAY HEUN which is the coolest and the stylist among the else crowd of watches because of its property to demonstrate in extraordinary way the relationship between the eyes and the time.

The device has an eye catching look for the people who honor style with technology in watches. Although you can call it as large mens watch, but however you can not ignore the beauty of it. As for the band of the WITness watch it consist of flexible bracelet type material which will fit all size of wrist and a quick lock system at lower part for extemporary and efficient wearing. For the technology in the watch it has an LED dial and the device can be activated by pressing the side located buttons for just 2 seconds and will automatically return to stand by mode immediately if not use in few seconds to save the energy.

Mens Digital Watch

The mechanism of it goes like this: when the side button is pressed once for 2 seconds the LED will light up to the maximum in full power within 5 seconds and after 5 seconds to it , the device will turn to stand by status. The aim of stand by mode is to decrease the battery usage with the help of 35% of the LED power. What is the most attractive point is the way the dial is designed which gives it a Cosmo metropolitan look in a trendy way of the band.

In the world of digital watches man, this is bit old one but however wearing this kind of watch have its own style which you can not overlook. There will be awesome combination of this large mens watch and iWatch.

So just bring a difference to your personality through the WITness watch and you have all the good time to experience it fully

Digital Watched Man

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