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Tiny Computer or Mini Mac Concept

Apple has been always the first choice whether it is in music, handsets or laptops or iPads. The friend list of apple products goes through out the world and among them are the once for apple Mac books. More than millions of apple Mac book users are waiting for the new and more applicable form of the laptops to hit the markets you can call it as tiny computer. And for these apple has brought an interesting and unique trend in Mac books by Sait Alanvali that will drive the look of Mac book to other level. This design called the Mac mini is an innovative concept with 21st century design but I would love to name it as tiny computer.

Designer : Sait Alanyali

Tiny Computer

The color available in this design is classic white with the imprint and engraved logo of apple on it. The screen is sleek and has enough space for the precision in viewing by the user. The design from the outer phase looks compact and corporate type box. The design as the mane states mini is a portable device and can easily be taken to outdoor trips and business tours with no doubt.

Mac Mini Concept Computer

Design features of new Mac mini concept or Tiny Computer

As with the mechanics of the Mac mini it is a ā€œvā€ shaped design where the cool air enters from both side of the box to the device where it gets collected by the fan and moved to the heat sink which functions by canalizing the air vertically after which the hot air is released from the holes on the legs.

Tiny Computer Design

This property gives the design the plus point in compare to other Mac books. Lastly when we see the connectivity option it has many ports within the down portion of the book like: 4 USB ports, one fire wall, one audio out, and one audio in to the right down, whereas to the left down there are ports for HDMI, Mini Display, Gigabit Ethernet, and power port also there is a Kensington lock to the right down. So many things in this little tiny computer is making it more attractive.

However the design is still fictional and is not supported to be in current product design and launches by Apple Computer Inc. but we can hope to see it in near future soon.

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