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Vestalife headphone or custom headphones

Vestalife has been the premium choices for super innovative headphone collection for the youth and some time you can call them as custom headphones as well. Music becoming the basic need of the youngsters it is for no doubt to bring the style in functions of audio products.

In this demand vestalife has proved as first option by bringing in the market complete package of designing and lifestyle audio products and also of custom earphones. With the innovative and changeable headband style, the pi headphone has become a compulsory “to be” in the accessories and daily life style of youngsters.

Custom Headphones

Designer – RKS Design for Vestafile

Once you get the Vestalife Pi headphone it becomes an inseparable part of your life and this will look like as your custom headphones, you can hardly hold other company’s headphone after that, the basic reason for this is the soft, flexible and fabric covered headband insert.

Custom EarphonesCustom Headphones2The headband of Vestalife has wide range of option for custom personalization by the users and the design does not compromise with the sound clarity in fact the headphone provide very distinct and clear sound by relieving you from the task of bringing again and again the headphone in its place, thus without any pain it remains tightly on its place giving you every time the experience of lifetime.

Custom Headphones3

Types of headphone in Vestalife collection

The types of headphone and headband in Vestalife audio accessory collection are Bumblebee, Scarab and Boa. The sacred feature of the headphone enhances the appeal of the design among which the best is the color types among the designs which attracts the youngsters some of which are purple, golden etc. and this will looks like as your custom headphones. The proper and important features of the types are:

  • The Bumblebee offers a complete retro style geometric shape design with variable radius from high and low rings to get that complete bi-fictional look.

  • Scarab in the types has a gold ring separating the earpiece from the body of the headphone insert of the ear gear thus providing implacable hold to the ear.
  • Custom EarphonesWhen the user wants a sophisticated, casual and classic look boa is the type to go for. Boa thus gives an elegant appearance along with the use of natural fabric like cord.

Custom Earphones2

All the three styles mentioned above have self imprinted and embossed logo of the Vestalife in a specific location. The harmony of the logo in the design is highlighted with color to complement the design and bring more advancement in the product promotion. All the three types of the headphone are debuted at the first in the CES and then awarded with Good Design Awards by the Chicago Athenaeum and the “Best in Show” award for 2010 by iLounge at CES.

Main attraction of this kind of headphones is they looks like as custom headphones.

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