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New features of iPhone 4

August 9th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Plus thing about the apple is they always come with the new things and latest model. So now they come up with the iPhone 4.

Latest feature of iPhone 4iPhone4 is said to be the reincarnated version of iPhone and contrary to the expected release, before Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs opened the model design it somehow got released and thus got involved in the controversy but still its true release took place at 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs in the conference claims to offer over 100 new features in the iPhone4 including high-resolution display, a faster processor, and video calling. But what caught the eyes of everyone was the addition of new antenna and a gyroscope. iPhone4 will be available in two model color which are white and black and in two memory storage 16GB which will cost a fair of $199 and the other with 32GB at $299. Thus the hope of all iPhone users are held with the eagerness of a more powerful, easier to carry and a high level device called iPhone4.

Features related the non-technical design of iPhone4

From the outside iPhone4 has upgraded in comparison with iPhone 3G whose look didn’t added much beyond the compass. The design of iPhone4 got thinner giving the overall measure of the phone a dimension of 4.50 by 2.31 by 0.37 inches while the weight of the phone is 140 grams which is a little heavier than the 3GS version which weighted 137 grams. The screen has a 960-by-960 backlit LCD display with 326 pixels per inch, thus making the iPhone4 four times the resolution of previous iPhone and a highest resolution phone screen ever. As in the key joke cracked by Steve stating “once you go Retina Display, you can’t go back” the screen has all that make it one. And added to it the text appears New features of iPhone 4remarkably sharp and graphics unavoidably vivid, also with the help of IPS technology (found in Apple iPad as well) it has got excellent color and contrast from any angle view. The new iPhone4 also have separate buttons for volume instead of the single found in the previous iPhone, iPod touch or the recent iPad. There is also a physical button for the camera which carries a 5-megapixel high resolution for photos and an incredible HD video property with it. Flash in the mobile has dual property like while taking pictures it works as flash and while taking video it can stay to light up the in focus subject. The effort of the engineers behind the aim of making iPhone4 a hit can be seen in the use of aluminosilicate glass which is chemically strengthened to almost 20 times and harder to 30 times than the plastic with un durability. The screen also is more resistant to scratches and being able to recycle it is also a boon to environment.

Technical approach of iPhone4

Features of iPhone 4The iPhone4 has already make a place in the youths with the Gyroscope property with is of three-axis motion sensing thus you can now very well imagine yourself to get pitch, roll and yaw with accelerometer, full 3D attitude and a rotation rate making it a higher level of fun especially for the game lovers. The iPhone4 also got a special place than other iPhone due to the tremendous speed it holds by a new hardware called iOS 4. Here there is a common A4 chip found in the iPad thus resulting an improve battery life and power management.

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