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Multiple USB Ports

November 29th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Now a days almost all kind of gadgets and equipments are coming with the USB ports. This can be your mouse or keyboard or printer. Hence we need multiple USB ports.  Hence to satisfy these kind of need now we can have a different kind of usb extender.

Multiple USB Ports

Designers: Yi Fan Lin & Hong Yih Chu

In this USB extender you can easily plug in different USB as well and both can be operate easily. Now you can plug your keyboard USB or digital camera USB or USB pen drive. All will work together.

Though this one is still a concept but we are sure in near future we will be able to see these kind of USB splitter.

If this kind of concept will be applied by all the equipment manufacturer than I am sure that USB port problem will be solved.

USB Extender

Extra USB Connector

USB Port Connector

Laptop USB Ports

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