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Computer Buying Guide

Here are the few important points which you can consider as computer buying guide.

Computer has become an important part of living, believe me they are more important than an air conditioner in a hot nation. And unlike the old times, computer has become even more powerful, smaller and cheaper than ever. But with the generations of computers it has become difficult to make a choice in buying a new desktop. Here are some computer buying guide points that will help you out with making your decisions –

  • The speed of processing of your computer depends upon how good is your processor. Recently the preferred processor is the Core 2 Duo which has been successful in satisfying the customer with good performance.
  • Check out the capacity of the computer as if you want to use it with normal workload a 1GB RAM is enough but if you want to play some hardcore games than a higher capacity RAM must be bought. This is one of the most important computer buying guide.
  • Hard disk is the drive that will store your data even your computer is turned off and the capacity of the hard disk in today‚Äôs perspective should be at least 160 GB, however if your work with the computer is more than a 500 GB can be worth for buying.
  • Monitor of the computer should be selected keeping in mind few points like its size, resolution, and technology and response time. The resolution of the monitor should be 1400 X 900 for a good quality and higher resolution.
  • Also check out the graphics of the computer and if don not have any fascination and craze of gaming, the onboard graphics chip will do for you.
  • Other things that you look out should be the USB ports which should be enough to connect any peripherals, keyboard and mouse, communication, operating system and other software.
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