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Good mp3 players

Characteristics of good mp3 players

Whenever you think about the good mp3 players than what are those things which come or strike to your mind first. Let me tell you –

Good Mp3 PlayersIn good mp3 players you would love to have

  • Good storage capacity
  • Must be small or compact
  • Sound quality should be awesome (this is main priority, as far as myself is concerned)
  • Should support different file formats
  • If it comes with bluetooth than this will be simply amazing
  • Chargeable should be from laptop, desktop or electricity (no boundation what so ever)

So with these option I think below Mp3 (still a concept) can be great for us …

Pocket Mp3 Players

Small Mp3 Players

Small Mp3 Players

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  1. jay soni
    May 25th, 2011 at 18:19 | #1

    where to buy tall me the price?????

    plzzzzzzzz reply soon

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