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Apple iPad – Hit or Miss

August 24th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Apple has finally brought in light the new product which was promoted very much in the technology market and according to Steve it is the best product in the market with all the facilities (however everything was too much exaggerated).But still there are some feature I think which are very good in iPad but there are few feature which are not worthy of the price apple has charged.

iPad as hit


iPad has a 9.7 inch touch screen with very good visibility and operating capability , high-definition screen, a powerful processor and access to Apple’s App Store, all rolled into a 1/2-inch-thick frame, the wireless iPad provides intriguing possibilities, and as the model look it is only of 0.5 pound in weight and is very portable and mobile for use because of the slight curve given at the back for holding .The way it can be used is very simple with the best operating device in the world that are the fingers . You can use more than one finger for operating, so just flick and tap and you can open any page, zoom in zoom out or can do anything in a smart and stylish way. Of course it supports 140000 apps inside it.

iPad can extend its battery life for 10 hours and so it can be a boon for the people who like to surf unlimitedly and play games in the device. Besides it is also a gadget for the business world for presentation and if the person has many outdoor meetings for business.

Misses in iPad

The key question now for investors: can Apple make the iPad a successful new category where others have failed? Or put another way: do you need an iPad in addition to a laptop and smart phone, which are must-haves for many people?

iPad as per the users of iphone touch is a glued model where four iPhone are fixed together which made the screen wide. But still where is the camera, how much wonderful it would be if you can chat with your friends looking at them with your new costly device .No multitasking in ipad will surely affect the market of ipad in a strong way. If all this were ignored then also what will pull me back from buying it are no USB port, no flash support and no physical keyboard.

And above all these essential accessories are sold by apple taking additional left out money from you…..

At last the verdict is yours…..after all you are going to pay

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