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Take care of your speakers

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Cleaning the speakers regularly can increase its life not only in quantity but also in quality, thus you can have the same quality sound even after years of buying it that too with just few minute of dedication once a while in week. However cleaning the speakers is not that easy but a tricky job as there are few parts on the speakers you need to take special care while cleaning because being delicate they can get damaged. Some instructions while cleaning the speakers are:

  • The first thing is to remove the grille from the speakers, this can take few seconds but you need to be careful as you don’t want it to get damaged.
  • After you take the grille off, you can clean it properly because grille comes in those parts of the speakers which can get dusty. Among the grille types the most common are the fabric ones, which can be vacuumed easily however if you have metal or plastic grille the best way to clean them is by using a dry or damped cloth.
  • If your grilled is spoiled or stained and you want to remove it than the best way is to rinse the grille properly with warm water and drying it properly before setting them back on.
  • The drivers in the speakers gets accumulated with dust most often, so while removing the dust from it, take the help of some soft bristle brush and rub it until it get dust free. However many of the speakers available don’t have grilles in them and the most common problem in those speakers arise due to high dust accumulation in the drivers (as they get faced by the environment directly) so before your drivers get damaged by dust it is necessary that you get grilles attached to them as early as possible.
  • Observe carefully for the dust accumulation in other areas within the speakers and they best way to clean them is by tapping gently the areas with dry cloth or some dry paint brush however for the delicate parts use micro-fiber cloth or some soft cotton.
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