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Pen Drives and its forms

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Pen drives are small but convenient and useful instrument that can make your files and folders portable. Pen drives are also known as thumb drives or flash drives and unlike the portable drives they do not contain any moving parts. Pen drives generally are less than 2 inches with a weigh of bit more or less than an ounce so such drives can be carried to anywhere you want as they will take space even less than a pen. Pen drives have in built USB connectors which are perfectly opted for any computer’s USB port. The storage units of pen drives are compatible for operating systems like Windows XP so once you connect your pen drive to computer it will automatically get recognized allowing you to work and synchronize easily.

Types of pen drive


USB pen drive market is full of various cost effective devices that are available in bright colors and unique designs but for some storage device like pen drive, memory chip it holds should be reliable and capable of multiple read write cycle and such important features only, divide pen drives into various types like:

  • Pen drive Professional- it has a high performance capability with read 20 MB/ write 20 MB. Besides being the fastest drive it also have an advantage of integrated LED indicator and boot function.
  • USB Pen Drive Mini- it is almost similar to pen drive professional in specifications with an additional key ring.
  • USB Pen Drive Micro- it comes with security advantage owing to its capacity to resist shock of 1000 grams.
  • USB Pen Drive Compact- it is a 20 gram weighing drive of maximum 1 GB storage, but the feature that makes it popular is its data retention capability which can restore your files to more than 10 years.
  • USB Pen Drive HDD-2 GO- it is a pen drive of 55 grams that has an ultra fast data transfer feature in it. HDD-2 is also compact with robust aluminum housing technology in it.
  • USB Pen Business Drive- it is a 4 GB drive which is almost equivalent to 2000 floppy disks. This type of drive is completely compatible for professionals as through it you can transfer and save files with 40 times faster speed compare to other types of pen drives.
  • Pen Drive Ivo Fr- it is a multitasking pen drive that has an integrated features of MP3 player, FM radio and digital audio recorder apart from the USB memory storage.
  • Other types- apart from the above types you can also find Pen Drive MP3, Pen Drive Bluetooth and Pen Drive Camera.

Best brands in Pen drives

According to some trustworthy experiences and researches, following 6 are the top brands of pen drive you can trust for keeping your important data and files:

  1. Transcend
  2. iBall
  3. Kingston
  4. Sony
  5. Lenovo
  6. Sandisk

All these brands produce advanced versions of pen drives, with some also having the new characteristic of built in card reader to read the cards from other devices like camera and smart phones.

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