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Micromax CDMA mobiles

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Micromax has now made and is maintaining a different slot in the Indian market of cell phones and the reason behind are the cheap and affordable mobile phones equipped with standard features. The motto of the company has always been to provide the reasonably priced mobile phones with the mid range features. Many of the handsets of the company created a bang in the Indian market. To satisfy the costumer by any means, the company launches GSM, CDMA and GSM+CDMA mobile phones. In this piece of writing we will discuss about the Micromax CDMA phones which are invigorating cell phones having the dramatic looks, sleek design and amazing features.

Here is the complete list of micromax cdma mobiles

micromax cdma mobiles Q5C in red and black colour

  • C114
  • C2i
  • C350
  • E360
  • C112
  • Q5C
  • C250
  • Q1C – And recently they launched

These are the best CDMA mobile phones from the huge array of Micromax. These CDMA phones have all the standard features which include stereo with FM radio, colored screen, dependable battery and preloaded games.

Out of this collection of micromax cdma mobiles, my favorite one is the Micromax Q5C. It CDMA mobile phone and comes outfitted with Full QWERTY Keypad. Corporate users or executive who do lot of emailing regularly would love this phone and also the home users who do lot of sms will also like this full QWERTY mobile phone from micomax.

Q5C is a light weighted mobile phone with just 95 gms and dimensions of 112mm * 58mm * 13.5mm. Its 2.0 MP camera comes with the flash and the video recording capabilities. The first glance at the chrome bezel of this mobile phone gives a look of Blackberry curve.

Pros of MicromaX Q5C –

Affordable – The first thing that is making this mobile phone popular among all ages is the affordability. Usually the full QWERTY keypad mobile phones exceed the budget of a common man. The Micromax Q5C is available at the price tag of Rs. 6,499.

Decent Battery – Battery backup is the second thing people look for in a mobile phone. The battery power is quite impressive in Micromax Q5C.

Good Menu Buttons – The joy pad and the menu system is pretty simple, good and impressive in this mobile phone.

Facebook ready – Facebook craze is on its full pace these days and thus the youngsters prefer this mobile phone with facebook ready button.

Cons of Micromax Q5C –

Poor QWERTY keypad – The QWERTY keypad is disappointing and underwhelming. The layout of the keys in key board is imperfect; all the keys are closely packed and thus uncomfortable to operate.

Mediocre build quality – This mobile is actually a total goof up in terms of design. The plastic used for the exteriors is not good. Overall the build quality is mediocre.

Mediocre camera – 2 MP is not enough and frankly speaking the flash is also useless.

Unclear voice on call – though the handset is reasonably loud but in call the voice is not clear.

Conclusion –

Unfortunately the price of Micromax Q5C is not an entry level price point. At this price the user would expect a bit better performance.

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