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Mobile phones for students

January 24th, 2012 No comments

With a population of over 1.22 billion and about 881 million of them being Mobile phone users, India very well serves the tag of being World’s second largest mobile phone using country. The Indian Telecom industry further boasts of an expected increase in revenue to up to US$65.53 billion, at a growth rate of over 26 per cent, by this year.

Apart from being a source of revenue for the government, this industry offers job prospects to many in the country. Over the years there has been an emergence of many large/small scale Telecom companies, trying to hold share in the market through a range of Handsets. One of the biggest targets of these companies is college students.

Though for a Low Cost Mobile Phone there are only few basic features are good enough but for a college student uses a mobile phone not only as a device for communication, but also as a gadget helping stay up-to-date with news around the world, surf the net, play games, listen to music, and most importantly, be a status symbol. An insight into the minds of college students yields the following features as ‘must’ in mobile phone:

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