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Suitcase with wing

August 25th, 2012 No comments

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and after seeing this suitcase you will realise that this is quite true. This suitcase called whaletale

This is an awesome design of suitcase with attached mat or blanket (you can use whatever name to call it).

At the airport or railway station or at any picnic spot, simply unbuckle this mat and seat on it or play on it.

There are many other advantages of this suitcase with mat such as –

# Safety of your suitcase – Since this blanket attached to the suitcase hence your suitcase will be safe.
# Use suitcase as back support – Yes this suitcase with blanket can also be use as your back support.
# No need to carry extra blanket if you are on picnic.
# No worry even if you forget to add extra blanket, there is always one attached with it.

Suitcase with attached blanket

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Power Rechargeable Spotlight

August 23rd, 2012 No comments

Rechargeable Led Spotlight with unique design

Technology is the changing face of everything, from telephone to television. Life is now more comfortable now compare to past. Now we are coming with one Power Rechargeable Spotlight which can be use anywhere and you can fix it wherever you want. You can name it rechargeable led work light or led rechargeable spotlight, but believe us these are quite useful.

Here are the few spots and purpose where you can use these kind of Power Rechargeable Spotlight.

  • On forest camp. Simply add to several trees and now enjoy your forest with enough lighting.
  • On any movie set where adding huge spotlight not required.
  • Add on your head and you are ready for mining 🙂
  • You can use it in night for your reading purpose without disturbing any one. (Though this is not good as this clip on reading light)

So have a look at these photos and enjoy these rechargeable emergency light

Rechargeable Led Spotlight

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Clip on reading light

August 21st, 2012 No comments

Get your own clip on reading light

You do not want to disturb anyone and also want to read your favorite latest paper book during night than here is a very good affordable option for you and it is clip on reading light.

Yes this kind of clip on reading lamp is quite useful while you travel. Not only they are handy while you travel but there are many other reasons which you should consider before buying clip on led reading light.

# Light weight
# Easy to carry
# Affordable
# Battery operated
# Less cost

This kind of clip on led light is also a best option for the useful gift.

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Amazing small pen drive with useful led light

August 15th, 2012 1 comment

Get the small pen drive with useful inbuilt light

Pen drive or USB drive or thumb drive, you can call it with quite different names. These are the most important invention for the data transfer or data carrying. It is easy to use and small to carry. Now here is one pen drive with light. Yes this is small pen drive and you will get the led light with it as well. So this is quite useful because you can use it in dark as well.

This is small and quite compact. Oh I forget to tell you that this usb drive look stylish as well. So if you want to look at this device than here is below some pics of it –

Pen Drive with light

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Magnetic Serving Tray

August 14th, 2012 No comments

If carrying tea or any liquid on tray is nightmare for you than here is one Magnetic Serving Tray which will solve your all problems. This made in such manner that all cups, glasses or bowl have magnetism pattern and board have steel.

This Magnetic Serving Tray is having very simple design and yet quite stylish and useful as well. Everything is self explanatory in the below given photos –

Magnetic Serving Tray

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