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Suitcase with wing

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention and after seeing this suitcase you will realise that this is quite true. This suitcase called whaletale

This is an awesome design of suitcase with attached mat or blanket (you can use whatever name to call it).

At the airport or railway station or at any picnic spot, simply unbuckle this mat and seat on it or play on it.

There are many other advantages of this suitcase with mat such as –

# Safety of your suitcase – Since this blanket attached to the suitcase hence your suitcase will be safe.
# Use suitcase as back support – Yes this suitcase with blanket can also be use as your back support.
# No need to carry extra blanket if you are on picnic.
# No worry even if you forget to add extra blanket, there is always one attached with it.

Suitcase with attached blanket

Suitcase with wing

Suitcase with attached blanket

Suitcase with useful attached blanket

Useful suitcase with blanket

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