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Hot Air Iron

September 17th, 2012 No comments

If you are doing Iron to your clothes yourself than we are sure you do not like it. You want to have the easy solution doing iron. One solution which can save your time as well.  So designer Nigel Roddy is coming with a revolutionary solution. This is based on hot air and do the iron within few minutes.

This one perform with the hot air pressure. This air pressure and with little moisture helps to remove all wrinkles easily. You may say that this kind of appliance is quite a boon for those people who like alone or may be good for students as well.

If you are interested to see the similar things for student than you can visit this link as well – Student furniture

Do iron through this hot air

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Portable pool table with cover

September 12th, 2012 No comments

If you have limited space in your home and only one thing can set into your drawing room either dinner table or your pool table than which one you go for ? Confused and struck in an awkward situation – no problem here is the solution for it. This table can serve you both purpose and name of this table is fusion table.

This is in build pool table and once you cover it than this will be your dinner table or regular table.  Sounding interesting and below image of it will clear everything to you. So if your flat or home is not big enough than fusion table will be a boon for you and for your home. This is quite beneficial for those people who also have portable office. See the portable office photos – Click Here

What do you think guys ? Please mention your view on comments 🙂

Portable pool table

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Washable Keyboard from Logitech – K310

September 7th, 2012 No comments

You always wanted to wash your keyboard so that it can save your time and you can get the clean and clear keyboard. You wanted to have waterproof keyboard which you can wash under the tap and ready to use again. Earlier to this many other companies were listed as the Washable Keyboard manufacturers but now your own and very common brand is coming up with the Washable Keyboard and it is Logitech.

Model No of this Washable Keyboard is K310 (Logitech) and as shown in below photos you can wash it and you can sink it too. So another great news for all tech and computer lovers because now you do not have to invest your 2 hours to clean your keyboard.

Washable Keyboard

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