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Butter Crayon – A special gift for all butter lovers

March 31st, 2016 No comments

Your kitchen without butter crayon is incomplete.

butter crayonNow imagine you want to cook poached eggs. You collected all ingredients, eggs, butter, and ready to cook, pan heated and now it’s time to add butter on pan. But Aha! You added too much or very less amount of butter and hence your poached eggs were not so well cooked. These are either over buttery or very hard baked, or worst, half cooked.

Now imagine you have “Butter Crayon” and everything is ready. You just roll over butter crayon on pan, as much amount of butter you need, and your perfect light golden brown poached eggs are ready. Ooh-la-la – Yum Yum.

Buy Butter Crayon from Here

Buy Butter Crayon from Here

Butter crayon is not limited to above example; here are few more amazing uses of butter crayons –

# Spread butter smoothly on your bread.
# Want to eat corn with buttery flavor? Rub this butter crayon on every part of corn and enjoy sweet and buttery taste.
# Now even your 6 years old kid can make his own bread breakfast.

With above usage example, I must say that butter crayon is certainly a boon for butter devotees.


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