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Mobile phones for students

January 24th, 2012 No comments

With a population of over 1.22 billion and about 881 million of them being Mobile phone users, India very well serves the tag of being World’s second largest mobile phone using country. The Indian Telecom industry further boasts of an expected increase in revenue to up to US$65.53 billion, at a growth rate of over 26 per cent, by this year.

Apart from being a source of revenue for the government, this industry offers job prospects to many in the country. Over the years there has been an emergence of many large/small scale Telecom companies, trying to hold share in the market through a range of Handsets. One of the biggest targets of these companies is college students.

Though for a Low Cost Mobile Phone there are only few basic features are good enough but for a college student uses a mobile phone not only as a device for communication, but also as a gadget helping stay up-to-date with news around the world, surf the net, play games, listen to music, and most importantly, be a status symbol. An insight into the minds of college students yields the following features as ‘must’ in mobile phone:

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Micromax touch screen mobile

November 3rd, 2011 No comments

In today’s tough competition among all the mobile companies, Micromax is leading ahead and succeeded in capturing the Indian mobile market speedily just because they are aware of the needs of Indian customers. Indian costumers want the better quality, touch screen cellular phone at low price. Micromax has given out many mobiles in market like Micromax A70, Micromax A55, Micromax X560, Micromax X550 Qube, Micromax W900, Micromax A60, Micromax X505 Psych, Micromax X510 Pike, Micromax X600, Micromax MODU and many more. Here is small description of some of the Micromax touch screen mobiles. Some of the mobiles in the listing are android powered phones.

Here are few micromax touch screen mobile –

micromax touch screen mobile at affordable price

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Micromax CDMA mobiles

November 1st, 2011 No comments

Micromax has now made and is maintaining a different slot in the Indian market of cell phones and the reason behind are the cheap and affordable mobile phones equipped with standard features. The motto of the company has always been to provide the reasonably priced mobile phones with the mid range features. Many of the handsets of the company created a bang in the Indian market. To satisfy the costumer by any means, the company launches GSM, CDMA and GSM+CDMA mobile phones. In this piece of writing we will discuss about the Micromax CDMA phones which are invigorating cell phones having the dramatic looks, sleek design and amazing features.

Here is the complete list of micromax cdma mobiles

micromax cdma mobiles Q5C in red and black colour

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Concept Phone from Du JUn

August 13th, 2010 No comments

Concept phone is also popular as the latest phone. Because in concept phone we can see the imagination of future and sooner or later we can see such technology in real as well. Similar concept phone was edge phone

Touch phone was a concept phone before few years and now we can buy such phone at affordable price. So these concept phone or concept technologies are quite important for the future.

Concept Phone

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New features of iPhone 4

August 9th, 2010 No comments

Plus thing about the apple is they always come with the new things and latest model. So now they come up with the iPhone 4.

Latest feature of iPhone 4iPhone4 is said to be the reincarnated version of iPhone and contrary to the expected release, before Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs opened the model design it somehow got released and thus got involved in the controversy but still its true release took place at 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs in the conference claims to offer over 100 new features in the iPhone4 including high-resolution display, a faster processor, and video calling. But what caught the eyes of everyone was the addition of new antenna and a gyroscope. iPhone4 will be available in two model color which are white and black and in two memory storage 16GB which will cost a fair of $199 and the other with 32GB at $299. Thus the hope of all iPhone users are held with the eagerness of a more powerful, easier to carry and a high level device called iPhone4.

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