Stylish head sets for mobile

January 23rd, 2009 3 comments

If you want are looking for a stylish head sets for your mobile phone with all the great features and user interface than I think On Time Headsets bring the right thing.

This one is looking like as hand band which you easily wera and control the tracks which you want to hear. Plus if you got the phone calls and want to accept or reject than you can also do that with the push of one or two buttons.

Black shining LCD screen will show all the details of current track and whenever you will receive a phone calls than there numbers and name.



Designer : Pedro Gomes via [Plantronics and DesignBoom]

If you are looking for the elegant, simple and efficient bluetooth headset than here it is –

Watch that will show time forever

January 21st, 2009 2 comments

If you want to have a watch which will show you time till the end of this world than here is one watch that fit for this purpose. Name of this watch itself showing the purpose of this watch. Name of this watch is endless. Designed by Alexey Bykov, have given a twist to this watch in the middle. This twist also do a job of divider between hours and minutes.

Watch have so prepared that it can fit in any kind of wrist. To make this watch designer used semi transparent plastic and magnet to give a good grip to any kind of wrist.

This watch does not have any kind of button and no need of batteries as well. This one is charged with the satelite signals and also give time as per that signals.



Looking for the multi utility watches than these Casio watches are simply best for you. Shock proof, stopwatches and many other facilities are making these watches quite important for everyone.

Cube Speaker – Carry Your music anywhere

January 20th, 2009 1 comment

If you are a music lover and love loud music or want to share your music with surrounding of yours than here is a great product for you.

6 sets of wireless cube shaped speaker which can be your theatre and you can carry them anywhere you want.  Size is 5.1 inch and when all speaker get together they give the perfect shape of cube.

Base speaker work as woofer and volume controller. Just have a look at these photos and you will fall in love instantly.



Designer : Jihyung Jung

Looking for more option for the portable speaker than below are few which I pick for you guys –

A handsets used for making and receiving calls only

January 18th, 2009 1 comment

Last time when you have noticed that you have some other features to your latest handsets as well. Yeah many of us use mobile handsets just to make the phone calls and to receive the calls only.

Freedom Phone 2010

But however company have added so many features which you never know and never used as well. If you are under this category than there is a phone call which just to make and receive phone calls only.

Freedom Phone

Freedom Phone

This is called Freedom phone. This is suitable for those people who travel abroad a lot and also pay huge bills of roaming charges. But with freedom phone 2010 you do not have to pay for roaming charges, you just have to purchase it with some different minutes plan coming from 60 minutes to 200 minutes (can be more).

Freedom Phone

Freedom Phone

There is no need of SIM card, no need to remember tarrif and within 10 – 20 minutes you can also get your phone charged.

So ultimately a simplicity which will dive crazy to the common people

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