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Smart Baby cover – must for every mother

July 12th, 2010 No comments

Before the birth of the kid only, we start planning about his/her room , name, etc to make sure that each and every thing should be the best and no doubt of any discomfort is left for the kid especially when in the infant state i.e. in the first few weeks of first month of the baby. Under the aim of these worries experienced by the parents a piece of technology is made which is known as Smart Baby Case designed by Pouvan Mokhtarani. It is like a womb of pregnant women in her 40th week of pregnancy or like the 
matured chicken egg. When a child is born doctors advice the mother to keep the baby attached to her to keep the child still at warm temperature like that of womb and also to keep the child away from harsh sunlight or pollution for few weeks and according to this advice the smart baby case functions, as in, it give temporary protection tRead more…

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